A wonder fabric. Hemp requires no pesticides to grow, and it also grows well with minimal water consumption compared to other fibres. Hemp is extremely strong and durable as a fibre, but also lightweight and breathable to wear. 

Which garment feature hemp?                                                                             

Many! Visit our entire Hemp collection online here.



A unique vegan alternative fabric, the fibres of this fabric originate a rose bush. This fabric possesses the luxurious hand feel and also the stunning look of silk satin but is more sustainable and also animal friendly

Which garments feature Rose Silk?
Our Rose Robes


A wonder fabric, the fibres of Lotus textiles from the stem of a Lotus plant derived from a cellulose process. Having similar properties to bamboo fabric, Lotus fabric breathes well and is ideal for garments where crushing is required and a beautiful drape is key.

Which garments feature Lotus Fabric?
Our Lotus Tops



As it is light weight and very breathable, we choose to use cotton voile in the linings of our dresses. 

Which garments feature Cotton Voile?
When required a selection of our dresses feature cotton voile as linings.



Lightweight & comfortable, this blend combines the positive characteristics of each cotton & silk fibres, resulting in a delicate feeling garment with beautiful drape and breathability. We love silk cotton, as its a little more durable compared to 100% silk gives extra longevity to each garment.


Which garments feature Silk Cotton?  
Silk Cotton Tee Shirts
Silk Cotton Tee Dress
Long Silk Cotton Bias Dress
Ruffle Knickers 
Silk Cotton Tanks


Linen dates back to 8000BC and is known for being one of the most biodegradable fabrics in fashion history. There are so many benefits to linen such as its strength and its ability to be moth resistant. Did you know it also becomes more pliable from wash to wash. Our lighter linen is hand woven in the hills of India and is used to create our free flowing one-size pieces. Our traditional linen is used in the pieces within our collection where more structure is required.

Which garments feature our hand-woven Linen?
All our One size Tops and our Kaftans

Which garments feature our Traditional Linen?
All our long Linen dresses,
All our Linen tees & Linen tops



Made specially for the backings of our the Silk Cotton T Shirt range, we love this blend for its environmental benefits. The cotton component is free from pesticides, while the bamboo element means that less water has been used in the growing & manufacturing of the bamboo component. With less than 1% of cotton originating from organic sources globally, we are proud to use this element of chemical free organic cotton then possible.
Why this particular blend of jersey? The Cotton helps to add the form to the jersey, while the bamboo adds  softness and even more breathability.
Which garments feature Cotton & Bamboo Blend?
Backings on the Silk Cotton Tees.



Modal is one other the Earth's greenest fabric choices. Grown from Beech Trees, it is a cotton alternative and requires far less water in both growing & production. It is also extremely breathable and absorbent, making it an-ever growing popular choice. Cashmere is known to be one of the rarest and most delicate fabrics and originates from Goats. The unique combination of both these fabrics creates extremely delicate and luxurious feeling fabric.

Which garments features Cashmere & Modal blend?
All our of our Scarves  


We are currently looking to welcome a Hemp fabric to our family of fabrics. Hemp is one of the planet's most sustainable fibres and we are sourcing the most suitable option for our designs in 2020.